I came across an article today while happily surfing the tides of Facebook. I usually don’t let anything get to me, since everyone is allowed their opinion and I don’t see the point in getting into useless arguments over politics, movies, and other such things. But I can tell you that I am mad. Not necessarily due to just this article, but because there is a sense in our social climate that women are not as good. Not up to the same quality of FDA approved pre-packaged awesomeness. Not worthy of equal treatment, screen time, or resources. And that is what makes my blood boil.

I keep thinking that we have been transported back in time. Is this the 1950’s? Should I be in the kitchen making my husband a sandwich while mopping the floor AND carrying our third child, while he sits on the couch, smoking cigarettes and watching the television? Should our entertainment represent only male figures in lead roles to further the notion that women are the lesser sex? While there have been huge strides in women’s rights, we still face an uphill battle. Since Drunk Dorks covers pop culture, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about this latest article and it’s attack on the Female Lead in Hollywood.  Here is the link to the article if you are interested in reading it before I spew my thoughts.



Before I begin with my personal thoughts, I do realize that this article is click bait. I do realize that there are so many people who could care less about female or male leads in film. Unfortunately, this does not minimize the over all problem of equality for all people, which is all that I am advocating for here.

There is another Star Wars movie. With a female lead. And the internet, even if it isn’t all of it, is exploding, dredging up some of the most ignorant strings of words I have ever laid eyes on. The implications of the female lead being a negative in a film at this point just blows my mind, especially considering the epic Mad Max: Fury Road that came out last year (Which also received backlash, if you recall).  The world is acting like there has never been a great female lead (Has ANYONE seen Alien????), which couldn’t be further from the truth. So why is it now that we are seeing such a negative reaction to something that has been more of a social norm in the last couple of decades?

I will tell you. Somebody dipped their chocolate in a haters peanut butter. Star Wars isn’t supposed to mix with female leads (The Force Awakens), and action movies can’t have women who kick just as much ass as the male lead (Mad Max).  This seems to be part of the mentality behind the tweets that were in the article. Which I find truly funny, because Leia is essentially the reason episodes 5 and 6 happen. She is leading the resistance! She is commanding her troops! She is a force to be reckoned with ! So, these keyboard jockeys are actually not looking at the precedence that has already been set in the Star Wars universe.  They see a woman, and they get itchy to hate. It’s like they think women are trying to secretly infiltrate their tree house, and so if they see just one woman in the neighborhood, it is suddenly an epidemic.

The main issue here is that even in a time when females are getting more lead roles, they are still at a deficit. How can people be complaining about female leads when about 70% of films, as of 2015, had a male lead? Women are also getting paid less for those few lead roles they are given, which adds to this inequality that is running rampant, not only in Hollywood, but all over the world.

Women are used to sell movies all the time, by dressing them sexy and placing them as props against strong male leads. But give them a leading role? The internet breaks. What should have been taken away from that trailer is how incredible the film looks. How great the graphics are. How we get another Star Wars film. How exciting it is to be GETTING new Star Wars films. Not “Another female lead? Star wars be twilight now.” (actual grammar and spelling from the article).

Personally, I think this film looks really good. Not because it has a female lead, but because of the merits of the story, and the fact that it’s a freaking Star Wars movie! There is much more to this issue than just this one film, but Drunk Dorks will stick to pop culture, and I will get off my soap box for the night.

Equality is something that may never happen, but let us never forget to advocate for it, and to remember how important it really is in the lives of others.





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  1. Jason (Chim)

    To those who said “ignore them, it’s click bait, they’re just trying to get people mad,” etc., problems that are ignored usually become bigger problems. They do not just go away.

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