Have you ever played Super Crate Box and thought to yourself, “Wow, I really wish this was more difficult and something I could actually pay for.”

…no? You haven’t thought that. Well… damn, because that’s basically all Woah Dave is.

It’s not a bad game, by any means. It’s a neat little indie title that plays like an arcade game. You navigate a few platforms, picking up eggs and exploding skulls in order to kill enemies and collect pennies. The more pennies you collect, the higher your score. Every so often, a WOAH block will appear, which resemble the Mario POW blocks. Throw one to dispatch all enemies on the screen. The music is catchy. The colors are bright and fun to look at. It offers a neat little challenge akin to something like Donkey Kong or the original Mario Bros. You’re going to absolutely suck at this game, but it’s entertaining enough to keep you going back.

It’s only real downfall: it’s $5. Yeah, it’s fun… but you can essentially get the same kind of experience out of Super Crate Box for the PC, and that’s free. I picked up Woah Dave for .99 this week, so it didn’t break the bank and was well worth the investment.



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