Welcome to a new review series! This is called ‘The Everyman Perspective’. To jump right in and explain exactly what that means, I should provide you all with a little bit of who I am and what I intend to accomplish with this series of reviews. So without a lengthy, boring and completely convoluted backstory I’ll just jump right into it.

I am the everyman in this case, if that wasn’t obvious from the title. My name is Wes Miles. I make videos on and off of YouTube with my production company Long Division Films. For those of you loyal to the Drunk Dorks already, you’ll have heard my name and Long Division Films already. Being a film maker I have a certain penchant for design, however not game design. I played video games very heavily as a child, but as my obligations and interest in careers has shifted I am not what you would call an avid gamer. I am what some in this field would refer to as a ‘filthy casual;’ and being such is exactly the approach I will take when reviewing games.

Since I have no formal knowledge of game design or the current trends in next gen gaming, I’ll have to rely on my gut reactions as a self-proclaimed pretentious ass hat of an artist (pardon my French) and sarcasm. Hopefully that will provide some insight into current and future games, and possibly provide an entertaining read for anyone who needs some bathroom literature while on break at their respective place of business. Unless of course you don’t have a job, in which case you shouldn’t be reading game reviews, you should be perusing the classifieds you lazy cur.

So basically at the end of the day, the Drunk Dorks were kind enough (or had a lapse in judgement) and decided to let me offer reviews of next gen games. Since Shakespeare said that brevity is the heart of wit, I’ll conclude this concisely. I’m reviewing games for a casual gamers perspective, or the Everyman Perspective if you will. I’m sure that wasn’t easy to grasp from the previous paragraphs. Anyway, the first game I’m tackling is the Witcher III, which will be extra fun because I didn’t even know there were two previous. Be on the lookout for that in the near future. And remember, take advice from people who don’t know what they’re talking about with a grain of salt…I suppose that invalidates the whole point of my articles, but hey, I get bored too.

-And if you’d like to see me struggle with video games in real life, check out the Virtual Reality sketches!

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Government office worker by day; Twitch streamer and Podcast Hero by night. Follow me as we tackle life's greatest mysteries, like how badly can I suck at this video game. Twitch.tv/ElSuavenero

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