Its been 4 years since i left the world of Azeroth. Four long years and I’m back in for the new expansion. It was nice to see when i first logged in my old friend Hylan, a level 85 blood elf unholy Death Knight, of which i immediately switched to a 2h frost build since that seemed to be (in my opinion) the best dps choice after four years of updates. There were a ton of changes i was unfamiliar with, mainly the replacement of the tree skills for a more refined “pick one of three traits/skill” per level cap. There was also added dungeon journal that broke down each dungeon and raid by bosses which detailed tactics, drops, and skills. But enough about the changes over the years which I’m sure most of you are familiar with, on to the Warlords!

    WoD picks up after the events of Mists of Panderia where Garrosh Hellscream escapes to the past and prevents Grom from drinking the blood of Mannoroth, therefore preventing the Burning Legion from being created. The orcs are formed into the Iron Horde and plan to take over all of Draenor and Azeroth.

    As soon as i bought WoD i immediately used the jump to level 90 on my DK. When i logged in i was dropped into the blasted lands in a horde encampment and noticed that most of my skills were missing. Confused and a little annoyed i grabbed a quest from Thrall. Of course it was a standard kill number of mob quest but i noticed the reward was some of my skills. Through a series of quests that introduced me to the looming threat of the Iron Horde i had regained all of my skills back. It was a pretty good way of getting you familiar with your class if you were like me and haven’t played in years or you had a level 60 class that you never quite got up to snuff.

    Once i was done with the intro quests i headed off to the Dark Portal where a steady stream of Iron Horde orcs faced off against a vanguard of a mix of alliance and horde npc’s. I remember when Burning Crusade was released, they had a similar event going on which was one of my favorite events. As i ran through the portal i was faced against an army of Iron Horde orcs complete with tanks and Gron fighting against our vanguard. I was tasked with shutting down the source keeping the portal open. As soon as i stemmed the flow i had to escape with the rest of the vanguard along with some new friends, the Frostwolf Clan. As we traveled through we were introduced to Grom Hellscream’s commanders in a series of events until we escaped onto a ship and landed at Frostfire Ridge.

    Once in frostfire i was tasked with building a base, the very thing i was excited for in the entire expansion. Your Garrison is the base of operations for your journey into Draenor. Garrisons have three levels to them, each one consisting of a number of plots, small, medium and large, that allow you to build buildings that give different benefits. Each building also has three levels. They range from profession buildings that allow access to other profession recipes to buildings that let you access your bank, auction houses or give you more resources. Eventually you can gain a mine, fishing hut and herbal garden giving you access to profession materials daily. Some provide bonus outside of the garrison, the stable can provide a speed boost for mounts, the barracks provides a call to arms ability which summons a couple of your troops to help you in a fight, there’s even a workshop that lets you build a tank!

    Throughout your journey through Draenor you will acquire followers, either through quests or sometimes you can just run into them. Each follower has a rarity, level, class, profession and a set of skills. This coincides with the garrison missions, which allow you to send your followers on for rewards like gold, supplies, or items. The skills of your followers determine how well they will do on a mission. Eventually you will be able to have these followers follow you outside your garrison, up to 5 of them, to go on quests.

  My 2h Frost DK

  I am currently level 93 and working my way through Gorgrond, a massive jungle inhabited by the laughing skull clan. Although the garrison feature is my favorite aspect of WoD, I’m also liking the storyline, it gives you a real sense of a large scale war going on against a ferocious foe. Hopefully soon I can build my first outpost and unlock some more buildings for my ever growing base. If want to look me up to team up and take down the Iron Horde I’m on the Anvilmar server, character name Hylan.



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