I purchased Super Mario Maker today. Naturally, I cheated and unlocked everything in a few hours by repeatedly setting my Wii U’s clock forward.

I’m sure we’ll all have something more to say about this in the future, but I did want to give some information right off the bat. I came into this with certain expectations. Most were met or exceeded–some, sadly, were not.

The good news is, you are going to be able to do amazing things with this game, much of which never seen before in a Mario game–stacked enemies, Bullet Bill launchers that shoot ANYTHING (and Lakitus that do the same), giant enemies of any type, SMB/SMB3/SMW/NSMBU objects in each other’s physics, including settings, like an SMB ghost house or air ship. A lot of objects, if shaken, turn into variants, and you can add a mushroom to something to make it bigger. You can put wings on almost anything, and you can put almost anything on a track.

SMB3’s Bowser acts correctly and will jump through bricks if you trick him. Put Bowser in a Clown Car, and you’ll get an acceptable facsimile of the SMW final boss fight. You can change autoscroll speed and time limit per stage.

Now, what this game ISN’T is a wholesale SMB/SMB3/SMW/NSMBU stage editor. By that, I mean, there are limitations and missing elements.

A lot of enemies simply aren’t present–no Chargin’ Chucks, no Pokey, no Jelectro, no Koopalings, no Reznor, no Boom Boom, to name a few. Variants such as SMW’s blue and yellow Koopas aren’t here (nor are the non-green Yoshi’s.) SMB3’s Big Island enemies can SORT of be reproduced by giving regular enemies mushrooms, but they’re pixelated and you can’t make big stage objects like in that world.

A lot of game elements aren’t present either. There are no midway gates, no triangle blocks, no rotating ledges (Ocean and Sky World, SMB3!) You can’t set a block to spit out a mushroom if Mario is small and something else if he’s big. You are limited to four sets of doors per map, so no extensive mazes like SMB3’s World 8 fortress. You get one subzone, although it’s as big as a normal map, and can have its own theme, so there’s that, at least. (You can, obviously, move back and forth through it.) Moving ledges, unless placed on tracks, have preset movement zones.

There are no hills, so no sliding. There is no ice theme, although there are ice blocks, and you can’t trap objects in meltable ice blocks. There is no desert theme either. Perhaps most baffling to me is that you are limited in height to two screens, so no vertical (or diagonal) stages can be made. You also can’t place background elements; they just pop up randomly. You also can’t place water at all; you can only have underwater stages.

A lot of what made SMW and NSMBU stages unique as far as platforming objects aren’t present either.

So…if this sounds depressing, it is, a bit.

However, what you CAN do is still amazing, but I had to get this off my chest. Expect to see videos in the future, and maybe an upload or two!


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