Steven Universe is one of the most well-written cartoon shows to date. I’m a huge fan of Regular Show and Adventure Time, but over the course of the first season, Steven Universe bumped them out of my top spots. Don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate them and love them to pieces, but there’s just something so damn charming about Steven Universe that really shines through. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, it’s about a young boy named Steven who lives in a house on the beach with the three Crystal Gems; Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet. They’re elite warriors from another planet who protect Earth from anything that comes its way. There’s way more to the plot and what unfolds, but I don’t want to spoil that for anyone that hasn’t seen it. It’s one of those rare gems (pun intended) that manages to balance goofy moments with touching and emotional scenes. And by the end of season 1, if you’re not balling your eyes out at every episode, you can’t be human.


So anyway, Cartoon Network made a mobile game based on the show. It’s a whole $2.99 and deserves your time. It’s called Attack the Light, which is a cute play on words considering that it’s literally a light RPG game. You control the Crystal Gems through 5 worlds in an attempt to defeat and capture 5 light creatures that have escaped. I believe the developer also worked on Paper Mario, which makes sense because it really does feel like the same style. Combat is really straight forward. Your three main gems are your attackers, while Steven is the supporting character. Each turn, you’re allowed to use one item and make attacks based on your Star Power cost. Typical battles give you 5 to start, and each attack uses a set cost to use. So, you have to plan your attacks accordingly. Any unused costs get transferred over for next attack phase, so you can definitely make some strategic decisions. Just like Paper Mario, timing during attacks and the defense stage matters. You’ll have to tap at the right moments to increase your attack damage and get a second strike, or take less damage while defending. All of your characters levels up, which gives them new moves and increased stats. However, you get to pick which stats/moves you go with so you can really customize your team according to your preferences.


I think it’s pretty great. I’m on the third world, and it gets pretty tough if you make some dumb decisions. Everything feels fresh whenever you get into a new world too. The enemies attack differently, so you have to learn how to counteract that. You have to jump into each battle differently and figure out the best way to prioritize fighting, while still worrying about the costs every move uses. What I really love about this game though is that it’s not free. It cost me money to buy and it plays like a real game. This could have easily been made into a Free to Play “test your patience and see how long it takes you to spend money” kind of game. They could have easily increased the difficulty unfairly and then forced me to buy in-game items to help out. And they didn’t.


Even if you’re not really familiar with the show, it’s still cute and has enough charm to stand on its own as a game. So, definitely check it out!

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