Splatoon has been out for nearly 3 months now and has sustained a steady audience since its May 29th release. I initially reviewed Splatoon back in early June, where I noted that it was lacking in overall content, but still a blast to play. Over the course of the summer, Nintendo has released a steady flow of (free) new weapons and courses to keep players interested in coming back. The content itself was actually included in the initial release, but locked in order to give incentives to keep playing. Many were upset about this, exclaiming that it was crappy on Nintendo’s part to lock content on the disc. Personally, I had no problems with this, and while I really didn’t need a reason to keep coming back to the game, I did find myself jumping on to test out new weapons and courses when they were available. In fact, two new weapons are releasing this weekend, and I’m hyped to check them out!


Early August brought about a 2.0 update, which added new game modes, an increased level cap, new weapons, and new gear. Prior to its release, players were unable to play in private modes or participate in ranked battles with friends, which had a few people quite upset. I have no friends with which to make a full team (Chim just bought the game last week), so I hadn’t been too bothered by this. I still have yet to try out either mode with friends because, well, I can’t. New ranked battle mode Rainmaker is a variation of capture the flag, with an interesting twist. The rainmaker is a hefty weapon that one must capture and bring to their opponents side in order to win. It’s one thing to grab something and bring it back to your own side, it’s another entirely to grab it and put it in enemy territory. It’s quite fun! New gear is quite swanky, as my inkling now has killer aviator shades and a leather jacket. Also added was a Squid Girl outfit. Makes sense. According to quite a few data miners, there’s still an array of courses, weapons, and gear yet to be released.


In addition to the multiplayer matches, I’ve finally beaten the single player mode. It’s not terribly long or difficult, but as I mentioned before, it’s meant to serve as a means in which to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics. There are areas where you really need to plan ahead, act quickly, and sneak around to avoid being detected. It will test everything you’ve learned previously, without feeling like a burdensome exam. The final boss, DJ Octavio, is like a serious punch in the gut though.


DJ Octavio is a samurai helmet-wearing octopus who flies around in a spaceship, spinning beats with his wasabi roots.┬áHe’s one of those most memorable Nintendo bosses I can recall lately, and the fight really will put everything you’ve learned to the test. The battle starts off simple enough; he fires his fists at you, you shoot at them to repel them back. Hit them a few times and avoid some bombs along the way. Then you’ll play tennis with this octo-missile until it hits him. This requirement stays the same throughout the fight, but your distractions will increase. Bombs will be fired in two phases, coupled with enemy waves and a burst of a killer wail to really screw you up. It took me four fights to figure out that there was an actual pattern of attack going on. Prior to that mental click, everything seems like an unfair bombardment of attacks. The trick is to be mindful of the environment and not advance too quickly. Poor Brett and Chim were so off-put by the whole fight, but it really wasn’t that terrible.

Splatoon has really been the only game I’ve played all summer. All of us are in love with it. It’s held up quite well, despite an initial lack of content at the beginning. Now is the time you should be playing! Do it.


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    I’ve got the squidgirl dress, the Famitsu brand traditional headgear and sandals (I do have the dress, too.)
    I’m fucking adorable.

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