Cartoon Network recently aired the first two episodes of Sonic Boom, which will coincide with the games releasing today for the 3DS and Wii U. While I have no idea how those game are going to be, I can say that the show seems to off to a good start. (Okay, I have an idea. I haven’t like a Sonic game since CD.) Sonic Boom centers around our usual heroes trying to stop Eggman and he sets out to destroy all of them and take over the world… in a sitcom-style tone. Yeah, it’s a sitcom. No no, don’t walk away! I swear, it actually works well.

The first episode starts off with witty banter between Eggman (I really hate calling him that) and Sonic, as Sonic pokes fun at his name and how he incorrectly names his robots. In the heat of the action, Tails crashes his plane and gets hurt… which then leads to Sonic firing him as a sidekick so that he never gets hurt again. Sonic holds auditions for a new sidekick, and naturally, Eggman applies. Of course, Tails ends up besting Eggman and getting his job back.

Episode two centers around Eggman going to live with Sonic and Tails while his robots fix his island after a storm. Eggman annoys the crap out of them by being the worst roommate ever, which is actually part of an “elaborate” plan to tire them out so they won’t have the energy to fight a giant “killbot.”

While this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I was quite impressed by it. While most have fond memories of Sonic Underground or the Saturday Morning Sonic Cartoon with the dark and brooding atmosphere, I grew up watching the shitty weekday cartoon. While I watched all three, I liked the worst one the best. I have absolutely no idea why either. Sonic Boom reminded me a lot of the tone of that show, just with better jokes and writing. So, I’ll keep on looking forward to it. Plus, the animation and voice acting is pretty choice.

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