I saw Deadpool on Friday. My fiance and I were first in line at a 10pm showing for the MJR Epic Experience. Friends met us there, we got awesome seats, and we eagerly awaited the film as I explained 4th wall breaking to the group.

The movie starts off with some light humor, poking fun at the people who worked on it in the credits, and then soon got on its way. It switches view from current events to what led Wade Wilson to become Deadpool, until the film reaches its climax. It’s a smart choice because you’ll soon find yourself tired of Deadpool antics if they’re on screen for too long. I noticed a few things while watching the movie that made me somewhat clairvoyant about Deadpool as a character… and I don’t know whether that’s good or bad.

For starters, let me get this out of the way: YES, Deadpool is fun and you should see it. It has its flaws (which I’ll get to), but overall, it’s just a rowdy good time. If you’re looking for something spectacular and vastly different… this isn’t it. It’s a step in the right direction though.

Going into this, you have to understand that Deadpool is a huge product of the 90s. He’s a loud-mouth, quippy mercenary that runs around doing all sorts of ridiculous ninja sword and gun stuff. Deadpool is also somewhat crazy and is either fully aware that he’s in a comic book, or he definitely thinks that he is. He makes references to old and outdated pop culture while trying desperately to be edgy, hip, and cool. In most instances, he’s annoying as hell at best, and at worst, downright aggravating. And yet, this is somehow all part of his charm and what makes him so appealing.

The movie is fully aware of this. The crew working on this film likely realized that too much Deadpool is not a good thing, and chose to give him a non-linear narrative to break up how often he’s on screen. It’s likely the reason a few X-Men are involved after the story reaches its climax and no longer needs to draw on past events. This balancing act is what drives the movie and ensures that the audience doesn’t get too annoyed by the character, and it works. Kudos on that.

The good jokes that were in the trailers, well… those are basically all of them. That’s a little disappointing, as I wasn’t expecting a large majority of the humor to be spilled out in the teasers and trailers. There’s a lot of sight gags and references to other things, but your verbal humor was mostly given on the front. Meh.

The settings are generic “90s action movie” settings, like the freeway, bar, strip club, and junk yard. I can’t tell if that was an intentional joke or the result of poor writing and minimal budget. In fact, a few things had me scratching my head like that. I like to just pretend that it’s an elaborate joke that will be glossed over.

In terms of violence and sex, I’ve seen way worse. It’s bloody, violent, vulgar, and there’s definitely a little nudity… but nothing that’ll blow your socks off if you’re an avid watcher of, hell… mostly anything on TV these days. I’ve seen far worse stuff on The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

But like I said, it’s fun and you should see it. I’m excited for the second movie that was already greenlit, and I’ll make a conscious choice to avoid trailers. Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool and does such a fantastic job that I never want to see anyone else. It’ll have you grinning from sheer ridiculousness.

But, it’s hardly my favorite as far as Marvel movies go.

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