It’s hard to believe that 2015 is nearly at an end; 365 days down the drain. As usual, we’ll be wrapping things up with our “bests” for the year. Here I’ll talk about my top video games and movies of 2015.

Video Games

5.) The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D – Majora’s Mask falls somewhere between my most loved Zelda story and the most frustrating gameplay experience I’ve ever encountered. It’s hauntingly beautiful and genuinely moving, and the 3-day time reset mechanic only reinforces the sheer anxiety Link must be feeling within the game. The 3DS version lowers the difficulty level from the original N64 game, but that’s not saying much. It’s still infuriating [to the point I threw/button mashed my purple 3DS to death] and yet, I still kept going back to it.

4.) Fast Racing Neo – A neat indie racing game to grace the Wii U recently that pays heavy homage to the F-Zero series, while still being its own thing. As the name suggests, it’s some seriously fast racing in glorious HD and running at a rate of 60 frames per second. It might melt your face off.

3.) Xenoblade Chronicles 3D/Xenoblade Chronicles X – I’m playing both of these currently, and they’re blowing my mind. XC was originally a Wii title, and the fact that I’m playing something so huge on my New 3DS speaks volumes for how powerful the handheld system is. The Wii U might not be a hugely powerful console, but somehow XCX manages to push it to the absolute limit to present an unbelievably gorgeous landscape.

2.) Super Mario Maker – Chim originally reviewed this back in September after its release. Since then, it’s received a few updates that added new items, new costumes, and how items interact. In addition, updates have made it much easier to search for courses in order to find the really good ones out there, instead of playing crumby ones. Nintendo ans staff also update with courses they’ve made, and thus far, it’s been an excellent community-based project for all users. It’s a game that truly justifies the game-pad’s existence, utilizing it in a way we all wish had been done in the beginning. If only the Wii U had released with Super Mario Maker a few years ago.

1.) Splatoon – By far, one of the most bizarre and unique games to graze 2015 has been Splatoon. A multiplayer-online shooter fueled by perpetual motion, where kids are squids and run around shooting ink to cover the ground and take out enemies. Released in May, Splatoon was fairly bare-boned. As a means to keep player interested, Nintendo has been releasing updates with new courses, gear, and weapons frequently since June; the last of which is coming within the next month. We weren’t sure how well a heavy-online shooter would work out for Nintendo, but they knocked it out of the park to bring us a fantastic new IP that’s definitely my game of the year.

Honorable Mention: Yo-Kai Watch – The Level-5 answer to Pokemon that is taking Japan by storm. Seriously, the latest movie it beating out The Force Awakens in theaters. While Yo-Kai Watch released back in 2013 for Japan, western countries just got it recently back in early November. It’s a pretty cute idea, featuring bizarre [yet memorable] creatures that fight usingĀ an interesting real-time battle system, but it suffers from a few set-backs that would make it truly great. Though, I’m sure those issues have been resolved in the two sequel games that Japan also got.


6.) It Follows – A twist on the horror/suspense drama that turns the act of sex into the monster that kills teens. Since, you know, the jock couple that has sex in horror movies are always the ones to die first.

5.) Ex Machina – A robot drama mystery that will keep you guessing until the end. Unlike other movies that keep you guessing, the pay off is actually worth it this time around. Oh, and it has Oscar Issac in it, so what else do I have to tell you?

4.) Inside Out – Disney and Pixar answer the age old question of, “What if your feelings had feelings?” A weird concept that’s portrayed beautifully. It’s smart, funny, and oozing with bright colors and charm. Oh, and the feels; can’t forget the feels.

3.) The Martian – Matt Damon gets lost again [this time, on Mars!], and the government needs to spend a ton of money bringing him home. In all seriousness, it’s a nice tone change from other “stranded somewhere and I might die” movies because Damon’s character never loses his determination and optimist, despite his hardships. The landscapes also look beautiful and it’s one of the few movies I’d ever argue you should see in 3D.

2.) Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – Of course Star Wars. It’ll wipe that bad taste of the prequels out of your mouth.

1.) Mad Max: Fury Road – It should be noted that this is the only movie in which every Drunk Dork has ever agreed was wonderful. We all share widely different tastes, but we can all come together on the fact that Fury Road is one hell of damn good movie. It’s a high octane rush that’ll get your blood pumping.

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