Blizzard’s new multi-player shooter releases in a few weeks on May 24. Until then, players were granted an opportunity to play the open beta, which runs from May 5 through 10. Naturally, we’ve been playing the hell out of it. Here’s what we think.

Overwatch features a cast of 21 unique characters, which were all available at the start. They’re divided into four categories, which designate what role they play in the game; Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. You and a team of five other players will face off against another team of six players in one of four game modes, chosen at random. You’ll either be attacking a point, defending a point, escorting a payload, or capturing and escorting a payload.

In a lot of ways, it’s very similar to Team Fortress 2. The objectives are simple, and the maps offer a lot of options for defensing and attacking. The main difference between the two is the importance of your role on the team. In a game like TF2, I played Pyro as a support character that would typically stand guard; attacking when needed. Sometimes, I wasn’t. With Overwatch, every player needs to do their part in order to succeed. Success is determined by how well your team understand their roles, along with how well everyone communicates. In addition, characters can be changed at any point in the game to fit the needs of the match.

As for the game itself, well, we had a blast! It serves as a great game to just hop in and play a few rounds with friends. Matches are fairly short and usually don’t last more than 10 minutes. The key to success seems to be finding a character(s) that works for you and playing with people that understand what they should be doing. The character select menu is kind enough to inform you when your team is lacking a role, or when it has too much of one type; and it’s important to pay attention to that depending on the match you’ll be playing. Seriously though, if your objective is to defend a point… don’t run out trying to head off the other team. It’s awful strategy that will likely result in the point being captured.

If you like TF2, then you won’t be disappointed with Overwatch. Watch Wes and I play on Twitch and see for yourself!


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