Within the past couple of years, Cartoon Network really went downhill. We saw the cancellation of Toonami and this bizarre trend towards live-action shows. What was once a fantastic channel filled with memorable characters, suddenly felt bare. Smart and witty writing was replaced with explosive “boy-themed” obnoxious garbage, topped off with a screaming washed up rocker. Thankfully, we’ve seen a return of Toonami and a trend towards quality cartoons with shows like Steven Universe, Regular Show, Adventure Time, and a few others. Over the Garden Wall feels like a sincere apology for all the times we were forced to listen to Andrew W.K.

Over the Garden Wall is the recent five-night miniseries that ran on Cartoon Network this week. The first of its kind, the miniseries follows a lost Wirt, and his younger brother Greg, as they travel through a mysterious land trying to get back home. I don’t want to say much more than that. This really is something of high caliber that deserves being experienced free of spoils. It is gorgeously animated and accompanied by one hell of a voice cast; featuring, but not limited to, Elijah Wood, Ashley Burch, Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, and John Cleese. The story itself is touching, but it lends itself much deeper than that. This is something with a soul… one that’s pretty unsettling, and even scary, at times. But it’s also light-hearted and goofy.

This is a series that I could watch again and again without growing tired of it. In fact, I’ve already watched it twice. You should too. Snag it on OnDemand or buy it off iTunes.


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