There is nothing like picking up a new comic series and truly enjoying it. Meeting new characters for the first time and feeling completely at home. Finishing the first volume and craving more. Eric Palicki’s Orphans is that series. Between interesting characters that make questionable decisions at times, beautiful artwork, witty banter, espionage, and some serious butt kicking, this book had me hooked right away.

I do not want to put any plot spoilers in this article because I want you to read the comic, but I will give you the bones of the universe it takes place in. There are 4 main characters, but Quinn is the star. Quinn is the product of a “contest” to see who could create the best superhuman soldier, and Vitruvian, the company Quinn works for, did just that with him. He has the ability to do anything as long as the lights are out. Seems kind of quirky, but it works. Quinn works with Frank, who’s the man behind the computer. He sends Quinn on his missions and provides companionship and some very funny moments in the story. Flora is also a superhuman soldier, but the big difference between her and Quinn is that she is green. Her blood was replaced with chlorophyll. Pretty neat, huh? Wait until you see her in action. She works for the government, but after her first run in with Quinn goes to work for Vitruvian. Last we have Vic, the head of security for Vitruvian. He came into the fold when Quinn was struck by Vic’s cop car and caused Vic to lose his eyes. Quinn offered him his eyes back, AND a better job.

We are shown another character in this volume that plays a large part of issues 4 and 5. Her name is Smoke, but you can call her Izzy if she’s using her undercover persona to get close to a target. She works for the government as an assassin and has been physically altered as well.  She plays an integral part in the outcome of volume one.

Essentially the universe this takes place in is filled with technology and those willing to use it for evil. Quinn is the man who uses his advanced physical powers to make sure that the right technology falls into the right hands. It really seems like this could be happening right now, in our reality.

This series is filled with some really great adventures for the team. My personal favorite is the 3rd issue of the 5 collected for this volume. It involves neurological implants, secret experiments, and a little bit of history as well. Each story is appealing though, as they show how Quinn makes decisions to make the world a better place, even if that means beating up the bad guys along the way. One of the best qualities about him is that he does not kill, he incapacitates. This shows the true nature of the man.  I can honestly say all 5 issues were engaging, well written, and beautifully executed.  Branco Jovanovic does a fantastic job with the artwork in this series and his style, along with Eric’s writing, fit together perfectly.

So I will stop bantering but I really want to be clear about this: you need to go out and buy Orphans volume 1 and read it as soon as possible! I am so thankful that I was introduced to this book by Eric at Fantasticon in Toledo. I look forward to your thoughts as readers, and also to the next volume of this great book, as I just HAVE to know what happens next. Enjoy!


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