Remember earlier this year when Nintendo decided it was closing down its Club Nintendo rewards program for something new? Well, it’s finally been revealed! It’s called My Nintendo [so cleverly named], and will offer rewards and discounts for buying AND PLAYING games.

My Nintendo says will link accounts between both consoles, in addition to mobile devices, and Nintendo says points can be used to “obtain digital add-on content, which will make the game you are playing even more fun, original merchandise or a coupon, which can be used as a discount for new software.” Here’s hoping that the service is more streamlined than Club Nintendo was. Personally, I’d like if we were offered the same exclusive merchandise globally, rather than regionally like in the past. I always wanted to use my points on neat Nintendo swag… which was rarely available in North America. Other regions, with the sweet swag, seemed to be more interested in the digital download games that were offered heavily here. So, here’s hoping.

On another note, Nintendo also revealed their first mobile game, which will be available sometime early March 2016; a slight delay from the Fall 2015 window originally projected. It’s called Miitomo, “tomo” referring to “friend” in Japanese. In Miitomo, players create their unique Mii and answer a series of questions. Based on those answers, Miis will communicate with one another. Nintendo says that the app is ideal for people who are reluctant to reveal things about themselves or talk to others. It’s free-to-play, but with add-ons available for purchase. Basically, it’s a social networking game for Miis… or some watered-down incarnation of Tomodachi Life. This is the first of five mobile games set to release by March 2017.

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