Today is a strange day. Nintendo held a press release in Japan, where Iwata outlined some future aspects of the company.

One of the biggest shockers was Nintendo announcing that they’ll be teaming up with Japanese online giant, DeNA, to develop mobile games and apps using Nintendo IPs. (Is the sky falling?) They also said, specifically, that these were going to be new games and not just ports of Wii U/3DS games. They’re also looking to provide a new membership service┬áthat spans across several devices. So, that leads me to believe that’s why Club Nintendo is shutting down worldwide.


If mobile gaming worries you, fear not. Nintendo isn’t leaving the dedicated gaming world behind.

Iwata also announced that their next console system is in development! Code-named “NX.” That’s all that was revealed about it. We’ll know more about it next year apparently. I suspect that something will be announced at E3 2016. Here’s hoping that they don’t arrive at “Nintendo Next” in the final development of the naming stage.


  • I’m not completely surprised or shocked by the mobile game announcement. I’m happy to see that they’re looking to make new games, rather than just porting already existing games. That could be a huge win for them if they do it right.
  • I’m not sure what’s in store for the next membership service, but anything’s got to be better than Club Nintendo. Sure, it provided some pretty cool exclusive items, but overall, the service is sloppy. Items vary based on the regions and the service is slow beyond reason, which leads to lots of unhappy people.
  • I sincerely believe that a lot of the issues surrounding the Wii U stem from it’s poor naming choice. Sure, there’s plenty of other reasons, but I think the biggest initial problem was the name choice. The system has been out since 2012 and I still have friends/family that don’t understand that it’s not an addition to the Wii. That’s kind of a serious problem. They need some innovative with the name; something bold and fresh.

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