Earlier this year, Marvel announced a new comic series called Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur slated for end of year. Well, it is end of year and it’s finally been released! I’ve been super hyped about this since its announcement and anticipating this ever since I saw those first images. I coerced Stef into picking up the comic too. We’ll be doing a podcast about it soon enough, but for now, let me give you a run down.


Devil Dinosaur is actually an older series that Jack Kirby put out in the late 70s. It featured a bright red tyrannosaurus rex who ran around with his bipedal ape-like friend, Moon Boy. It takes place on an alternate universe where dinosaurs and apes coexist. It ran for nine months, and since then, the characters have been in a few one-shots and cameos since. There had been interest in rebooting the series for a while, but with talks of somehow putting the character into the modern world. Enter Moon Girl.


Lunella Lafayette, aka Moon Girl, is a 10 year old nerd; one of those kids that hates school because it doesn’t challenge her. This leaves her stigmatized as being weird by her peers, as she’s more concerned with science and inventing than she is with trying to fit in and make friends; driving the point home by wearing a shirt with an accurately depicted moon on it. She’s also an Inhuman, but she doesn’t know that yet. Technically, you don’t either, unless you’ve done one background reading on the character and/or read writer interviews.


She’s also a black girl growing up in Manhattan, which is one of those things that I shouldn’t have to point out in 2015, but still do. It’s great that we live in a time where comics are pushing multiple series with female leads. I shouldn’t have to be amazed by a super smart black girl; it should be the norm. But, hopefully something like this can help pave the way for this to be the norm.


Without giving too much away, Lunella is on a scientific quest that (unintentionally) leads her to Devil Dinosaur. I have absolutely no idea where this series is going to take us as readers, but for the first time in a while, I’m overly eager to find out. It serves as both a reboot and a new IP, drawing on the writing skills of Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder (Rocket Girl), and accented by the expressive illustrations of Natacha Bustos and energetic colors of Tamra Bonvillain. Why are you not reading this?

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