Last year, Nintendo joined with the company DeNA in an effort to improve their rewards program and develop mobile games and apps. Last Thursday, westerners were treated to the release of the new My Nintendo Rewards program, in addition to the first mobile app, Miitomo. Brett, Chim and Rico have all been using the app and have gained a pretty good sense of how everything works.

For starters, this is a free-to-play (F2P) app, meaning it won’t cost you anything to download it. It does, however, have microtransactions built in, but we’ll get to that in a second. At its core, Miitomo is a social networking app that links you with friends from Facebook and Twitter. In a lot of aspects, it’s a lot like the mobile version of Tomodachi Life; a 3DS game in which you create and import Miis and watch them interact with one another. Here, it’s much the same.

You create a Mii likeness of yourself, or import an already existing one from your Nintendo ID, and they interact with friends you’ve added. Your Mii will ask you questions to gain insight to you and then share those answers with friends. You can visit your friend’s Miis and listen to their answers or answer any questions they pose. All of this gets shared on a news feed, and you can “heart” comments and respond to them.

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In addition, there’s a wide range of clothing items you can buy your Mii and dress them in. There’s also a few specialty items that you can obtain through a mini game that’ll change monthly. Some clothing items are permanent while others rotate in and out daily. How do you get clothes? Well, with coins! How do you get coins, you ask? Well, remember the microtransaction thing I mentioned? That’s how.


The game is kind enough to give you coins freely for doing things though. You’ll receive coins for answering questions daily, listening to other’s answers, and for actively participating daily. You’ll receive more rewards the more friends you have too. And you can even receive rewards by doing something as simple as changing your clothing every day to elevate you fashion level. None of it ever amounts to a lot of coins, but if you save them up, you’ll never have to spend a dime. If you want to, and have no reservations about doing so, then spend all the real world monies on coins.

What do we think? Well, it’s goofy as hell. It’s most striking quality is that you can pick a little robotic sounding voice for your Mii, who will then read all the text you type in said voice. As of right now, there’s nothing Nintendo has done to censor what you type. Naturally, this is reduced us all to the likes of children who’ve just said their first curse words to themselves. There’s been no shortage of laughs over what we’ve made these Miis say.

In addition, Miitomo also deals in the photo department where you can customize photographs with your Mii. Got an inappropriate photo? Upload that and throw your Mii into the mix somewhere! Feel like making an instant meme? Go right ahead!

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In essence, Nintendo’s created a social media monster that’s already spiraled into nonsense. And we hope it stays that way, because it’s a load of fun. We’re having a field day having conversations that consist entirely of the word, “fuck.”


As for Nintendo’s new rewards program, it seems to be starting off in a good place. It links to your Nintendo ID and you can rack up coins through various means. With Club Nintendo, you gained points through registering game titles and systems.


Here, you get coins for making eshop purchases, checking into the eshop, checking into Miiverse, or completing tasks in Miitomo. Rewards seem to be more focused toward digital items rather than physical items; offering exclusive download titles and discounts for other games. It seems to be more cohesive and user-friendly than Club Nintendo, but we’ll see what the future holds.


For right now, we’re having a blast making our cartoon selves do and say awful things while gaining points for doing it!

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