Mewtwo download codes were distributed to those lucky enough to have registered both versions of Super Smash Bros. on Club Nintendo. For others, Mewtwo will be available to download on April 28th for $4, or $5 for both versions.¬†For those familiar with the franchise know that Mewtwo made his appearance in Melee back in 2001. He was left out of Brawl and replaced with Lucario (unless you’re playing Project M). Now he’s back and ready for action! So, how does he work in SSB4 compared to Melee… and is he worth the purchase?


His move-set is actually the same in both versions, aside from minor tweaks. Like all characters in SSB4, the basic spam A-move ends in a final and harder-hitting blow, which often sends the opponent back. This does not occur in Melee. The in-air basic A move also doesn’t seem to have as much range as it did in Melee. Then, obviously, there’s the additional taunts and Final Smash move that are included in SSB4.

Personally, I’m partial to SSB4 over the other versions of Smash. It feels the most balanced and fluid of the series. I was fairly awful with Mewtwo back in Melee, but his moves just seem to click for me now. Should you buy him though? Well, that’s up to you and whether you think $5 is excessive for a new character in your roster. Comparatively, Mario Kart 8 offered 16 new tracks, 6 new racers, and 8 new vehicles for $12. So, while the pricing might not seem that high… it’s dangerously close to Nintendo going off the deep end with DLC. With Lucas in development and a ballot being held for additional fighters, we could be looking at some pricey additions. I can’t complain because I got Mewtwo for free, but I also had to buy both versions of the game. So, use your judgement. If you liked Mewtwo in Melee and think $5 is reasonable, then go for it!

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