This episode centers around the death of a local painter, Javier Abano. We learn that he was a bit of a “free spirit” who found inspiration and beauty in everything, especially the women he slept with… which was apparently okay with his wife. Javier isn’t popular with every though (obviously) as we find out there had been some previous altercations with boyfriends of said women. Javier also doesn’t sell much of his work, so that leave his best friend/agent in the dust (and broke). So, you can see why this is a huge who-dun-it.

Meanwhile, Liv is continuing to have nightmares¬†about the zombie that infected her. After eating Javier’s brain, she develops a new-found ability to draw really well. She puts out a sketch of the guy and he eventually follows it back her. Enter Blaine DeBeers; the other zombie. He seems nice enough, and super thrilled that other zombies exist. Like Liv, he’s been struggling with the whole zombie thing too. Apparently he’s made some life changes since the.. well, change and decides he’s going to be a better person. We later find out that he was previously a drug dealer. Liv doesn’t trust him though, and with good reason. She finds him dealing again and decides to break ties with him. He’s not actually dealing though… he’s beginning the undertaking of a zombie army to take over the city. Yikes!

After a few visions and attending a dinner party, Liv discovers that Javier’s wife was the culprit all along. Detective Babineaux kept reiterating that, “If the husband winds up dead, it’s always the wife.” It was! Turns out, Javier got his friend’s 18 year old daughter pregnant, and his wife wasn’t too keen on that.

The main focus of this episode, and I’m going to assume many more, was to show Liv’s character development. Last episode was, as Stef pointed out, was quite quick to establish what the show was going to be about while not spending enough time on who these characters were/are. And that’s fair. CW shows tend to follow a formula, regardless of the show, where they set up the scenario and then spend the rest of the series establishing background knowledge of the characters. Heck, we’re nearly done with season 3 of Arrow and we still haven’t been given the entire story of what happened to Oliver Queen while he was presumed dead. That’s just how they do things… and it works.


So, back to Liv. We learned last episode that she was an over-achieving doctor engaged to Major Lilywhite. (No, “Major” is not a title… it’s his name. Yes, I’m serious.) This episode, we learned that not only was she over-achieving, she was often so at the expense of others. From what’s described, she was a bit of a tightwad and snobbish. After the whole zombie thing, she loses herself and meaning in life, becomes a bit of a shut in and calls off her engagement for fear of turning Major into a zombie. Her friends and family believe that she’s suffering some serious PTSD after the boat ordeal. Like I mentioned before, Liv gains “skills” along with flashbacks of the people who’s brains she’s eaten. Every time she eats, part of someone else becomes a new part of her… and this time it’s no different. Javier was good for one thing; he did indeed see the beauty in everything. Liv acquires this personality trait as well, which makes her flirty and a bit emotional. She takes up painting and listening to jazz music, which are two things she absolutely despised prior to eating Javier’s brain. She also¬†tries to reconnect with people… including her ex-fiance. You can imagine that that didn’t go over too well either. Because of this, Liv kind of discovers that parts of her were, as she put it, already dead before the whole zombie thing. That’s kind of depressing. Liv may have been an awesome doctor, but it doesn’t sound like she was that great of a person to be around.

I laughed a lot with this episode too. The parts where Liv is flirty are hilarious. She describes everything like this over-eccentric and pompous artist and it’s really difficult not to giggle at it. I thought it was a pretty solid episode. This show is totally self-aware and goofy as hell, but it’s got it’s endearing moments.

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