The CW ran its pilot episode of iZombie yesterday, and it was awesome! For those that know, it’s based loosely on the 2010 DC/Vertigo comics of the same name. Fair warning: spoilers ahead.


So, the show revolves around Olivia (Liv) Moore, a former over-achieving doctor that’s found herself in a state of unrest… the undead kind, ever since she attended a party on a boat. You see, at this party, people were doing this new drug called “Utopian.” Turns out, it turns people into zombies. Liv finds herself the victim of a zombie scratch, which transfers the infection over to her. She seems like a normal person, aside from her sudden mood change; which her family attributes to PTSD. Oh… and that whole “eating brains” thing. She takes a job as a medical examiner, where she can quietly feast on the brains of newly deceased people. 

Her partner in the lab (Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti) eventually catches her eating brains of a recently brought in Jane Doe, the victim of a homicide. Rather than being shocked, scared, or even surprised, Ravi embraces the idea of working with a zombie partner. He decides to run tests, figure out how this whole zombie deal works, and (maybe) figure out a cure. 

Liv discovers that eating brains gives her visions of former memories of the person. It also transfers certain abilities/habits over, like being able to speak another language or being a kleptomaniac. That’s certainly convenient, as she can now lend assistance to rookie detective Clive Babineaux in solving the cases of murders, all under the guise of being psychic. She performs well too, helping solve the case of “Jane Doe” and catching the person responsible. 

After five months of moping about her state of affairs, she realizes that she can do some real good… and that maybe being undead isn’t so bad. She’s finally able to catch some sleep, whereby she’s given a vision of another zombie terrorizing people; the same one that scratched her and caused her whole condition!

I love it. I was going to watch the show regardless of how it was, but I’m so happy that it’s not garbage. Typically, pilot episodes aren’t that great either, but I’m hooked. CW knows what it’s doing. It’s nice to see a fresh look on the zombie genre, while being both touching and humorous. It’s like zombie Psych…except, you know, good.

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