Hey everyone, Rico here. I just wanted to give everyone a little update on where we’re all at with Drunk Dorks and what you can expect from us throughout the year.

First off, apologies for the severe lack of content from us lately. As you all know, Drunk Dorks is not our full time job (as much as we’d like it to be). 2016 was an eventful year for all of us in our personal lives, which put us through more setbacks than we would have liked. However, we have thought a lot about how best to move forward now that things have begun to settle down.

If you’ve been missing our podcasts… well, I can’t say when we’ll get back to those. You should be listening to The Way Station though, featuring our own Stefani Manard. If that’s not enough, follow her on Facebook where you can find all her upcoming events, including Motor City Comic Con. Yeah, that’s right! She’s got her own comic series now, along with a collection of short horror stories co-written with Jason.

And speaking of Jason (Chim), he too is working on his own [untitled] novel. Stay up to day with notifications from Scapegoat Press, Inc. If that’s not enough, check in on our YouTube channel where you can periodically see updates to Chim’s game, Project Shadow.

Brett, Wesley, and I have moved more toward Twitch broadcasts on Xbox One. Follow us at our name links and stay notified so you can see when we go live. If you miss us, fear not! We’ll upload our streams right to YouTube for everyone to see. As we move forward with this, expect some cameras to come into play, and maybe the periodic unboxing video. Expect some Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild footage sometime in March too.

As far as articles go, we’ll try harder to keep up with them. If there’s ever something you want us to review or react to, just let us know!

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Government office worker by day; Twitch streamer and Podcast Hero by night. Follow me as we tackle life's greatest mysteries, like how badly can I suck at this video game. Twitch.tv/ElSuavenero

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