For any Dragonball Z fan, the idea of seeing a full length feature film in a major theater in America seems like a dream. But last year, out of nowhere, we got Battle of the Gods in theaters, which takes place after the DBZ series and acts as a lead in to the new series, Dragonball Super. Resurrection F takes place after Battle of the Gods and is a continuation of that story. For fans of the original series, these films are refreshing, as is the new series, because they’re done under the guide of Akira Toriyama (psst, he created the show). This is important because, as you’re likely aware, Dragonball GT exists. It’s the sequel series to DBZ that wasn’t really supported by Toriyama… and most people don’t care for it. (Unpopular opinion, I don’t really hate it). So, to see a new series and movies being created as they were intended to be just feels great.


Resurrection F takes place a few months after Battle of the Gods events. All the Z fighters are going about their lives fairly carefree as Goku and Vegeta are off-world training with Whiss, the advisor to Lord Beerus. Meanwhile, in the galaxy, the Frieza Force has been in full swing and finds a way to revive Frieza. After a revival, Frieza is shocked to learn that Goku has gotten so much stronger than he anticipated, and so, he trains to become more powerful. They come to Earth and then an epic battle takes place. I won’t say much else because I wouldn’t want to ruin anything. However, I’m pretty sure you can infer what happens.


There aren’t many surprises in this, and the fight should be fairly familiar, but there’s just something so wonderful about it. It’s basically fan service done right. They knew exactly what we wanted and gave it to us. If you’ve grown up with this show since it first made its way here in the late 90s, you’ll be squirming with 10 year old glee. Plus, it’s uncut and in all its absolute glory. There’s blood and swearing, just as it was intended. The coloring is vivid and animation is so smooth and fluent.


I think what’s really great is that this is as new to us as it is Japan. With as popular as anime has gotten over the past decade and a half, we have movies and TV series almost instantly. That’s something that didn’t happen until more recently. Half the shows we watched in the 90s were from the 80s, but it wasn’t brought over until years later. There were even previews for other anime movies that would be making their way over here by next year. What a time to be alive.

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