By now, we should be fairly familiar with Bungie’s game, Destiny, seeing as how it released September 2014. If you’ve managed to live under a rock, Destiny is the latest first-person shooter developed by Bungie and produced by Activision. It’s done in a shared world environment that takes place in a futuristic science fiction world.

Having recently acquired a PS3, I’m now going through and playing some of the games I was forced to neglect due to circumstance. I bought Destiny, used, on a whim about a month ago, having heard some fairly mixed reviews about it for over a year. It didn’t have any of the DLC attached to it, and it certainly didn’t have The Taken King. I went in playing the base game.

I have to make clear that, until recently, I haven’t paid much attention to Destiny. Nor have I given Bungie and Activision titles, like Halo and Call of Duty, anything more than a passing glance; this is especially true for playing either of their main shooter titles. Sure, I’ve played here and there at various friend’s houses, but nothing beyond a few match-making levels where I got my ass kicked. My expectations going into Destiny are likely extremely different than yours. I didn’t follow the build up or hype before it was released, and I didn’t pay much attention to the disappointment surrounding the game afterwards. I have no idea just how bad “Dinklebot” was prior to Nolan North voicing your Ghost companion, and I certainly don’t know how the game controlled before its most recent patch. So, keep this in mind when I tell you that I’m loving the hell out of Destiny.


I started off as an Exo Warlock, and was instantly taken away by how much fun everything was. Each class (Titan, Hunter, Warlock) has two (three is you have The Taken King DLC) subclasses that change how players take on the challenges laid before them. These subclasses power up and unlock new features to your class as you run around gaining experience. I started off as a Voidwalker, which gives me better attack power –making it easier to run the game by myself when others aren’t around. Each subclass gives you a grenade attack, powered melee attack, and a super-charged attack that does different things based on the class. With Voidwalker, I can throw something called a Nova bomb that unleashes a super-charged attack that does substantial damage (pending I don’t miss my target). I haven’t spent nearly enough time playing the other classes to have any sense of judgement of them, but I likely will once I level cap my Warlock.


After about a week of playing, I hit level 19 and beat the game. I was disappointed, and not because it was a bad game, but because there wasn’t enough of it. I caved in and purchased the $40 expansion that includes (at least, now) the first two DLC expansions and The Taken King. Now there’s so much to do, I don’t know where to really start! I’ve barely made it halfway through anything and it’s great. The DLC was actually worth what I paid.


It does have some downfalls though, beyond what most complain about. For starters, the story is pretty vague and fairly difficult to follow on its own. To truly grasp what’s going on, why you’re there, or any anyone else is, it requires lots of background story reading given out through “gridcards” that are unlocked through challenges. Of course, you then have to sign into to read your cards, and the whole ordeal becomes tedious. I don’t care that much. At times, the game can become repetitive as you run around grinding enemies in order to level your character up. You can almost play on autopilot in certain areas. And the servers do frequently cause troubles. Mostly, I just overlook the issues because I’m having fun.

I know now that Destiny isn’t the game it was supposed to be. After watching the initial reveal trailer from years ago, it’s completely understandable to be disappointed in the final product. After the internal conflicts at Bungie, it’s almost a miracle that it got made at all. As an outside perspective though, it did end up being really fun. It’s been a while since I was so entranced by a game, let alone a shooter. So, if you want to play with me, add my PSN: SwaveSays (duh).

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