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Drunk Dorks Special – Aaron Moore is back!

If...powers/ Aaron moore, jason baroody, Joshua Oakes, Elton Thomasi, Michael woods

If...zombies/aaron moore, jordan johnson, sam eggleston


Anthology of nightmares and dreams


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Dave Dellecese and the Infinite Bromance

We have comic writer Dave Dellecese back on the show after a technology blunder last week that left us episodeless. 

Wasting no time, we started things off with a lightning round, which instantly connected Rico and Dave on a super bromance level. 

Then we got to talking about Dave's comic Holidaze, which you should all totally check out! 

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Drunk Dorks Interview Travis McIntire

We interview comic book writer Travis McIntire. We discuss his comic Up The River, his team, and his process. His con schedule and info on the Michigan Comics Collective are discussed as well. Also, beard touching.
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Drunk Dorks Special – Ace is NOT Constantine

We have Indie Comic Book Writer Brian Lee Byrd, author of Bullets & Angels: Rosary

Bullets & Angels: Rosary

Brian Lee Byrd, Sarah Hollis, Saint Yak, Matt James, HdE

Brian Lee Byrd Facebook


Bullets and Angles Kickstarter





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EP79 – EWWWW Boll

The Drunk Dorks take on "legendary" director Uwe Boll, criticizing his recent YouTube hissy-fits. Sorry dude, Rampage 3 is not an important movie. 

Then we discuss ba movies that are so bad we couldn't watch them. 

And of course, next week is E3! So, we talk about what we're looking forward to. 



::This episode is also dedicated to Boo the cat-person. He liked D&D and everything about life.::