Big Hero 6 is Disney’s latest installment, based loosely on the Marvel comic of the same name. Disney basically said, “We own Marvel. Let’s make a “love-story to Marvel” movie.” And I am okay with this, because it was so refreshing to see something that doesn’t take place in the Cars universe.

The movie centers around Hiro, his robot Baymax, and team of super-nerd friends as they try to stop the villain in a telepathic mask who controls microbots. From start to finish, Big Hero 6 offers up nothing new and delivers a completely predictable plot. Disney plays it safe. While I should be disappointed by this and tell everyone not to see it for that reason, I just can’t. It’s like watching your favorite movie for the 100th time; you know everything that’s going to happen and you’re still blown away when it does.

The movie is absolutely stunning. I wish I had seen it in 3D because it would have looked so much cooler. Everything is so bright and colorful; there’s nothing that doesn’t pop out at you. Sometimes it can actually be a little distracting. I wanted to pause the movie just so I could see everything and absorb all the nods to other “nerd” stuff. I know that, at one point, I noticed a Goron from Zelda sitting on Fred’s shelf. There’s so much I missed and so much you’re going to. Luckily, it’s worthy of more viewings.

Big Hero 6 easily moved up to being one of my favorite Disney movies. It’s touching and an absolute blast to watch. So, don’t pass this one up!

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