I got a Nintendo Switch last Thursday, by some miracle. In typical Nintendo fashion, they’ve been a bit on an enigma since they released on March 3rd, popping up periodically but nearly impossible to get. I can’t tell if Nintendo doesn’t understand its market and under-produces items for that reason, or if they’re complete assholes and intentionally tries to create artificial demand by stifling production. Either way, it’s an incredibly annoying trend that I wish would go away.¬†After failed attempts online earlier in the week to obtain one, my local GameStop stores got huge shipments in. I don’t understand why there are four GameStop locations within such a small radius from one another, but it usually works in my favor.

Anyway, I’ve had the thing for a week now. If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the system, let me break it down for you. It’s basically a Transformer, in that it it’s both a home console and a portable gaming system, complete with switchable (see what I did there) controllers. When fully assembled, Joy-Cons at the side, it’s roughly the same size and weight as the Wii U tablet controller. In retrospect, it feels like the Switch is doing everything the Wii U set out to do– but failed miserably at. Thus far, it’s pretty cool… but it does have some drawbacks. Let’s take a look!


  • It’s a simple design that’s easy to put up and understand
  • Screen resolution is HD and looks pretty darn good
  • Controllers are comfortable and fit nicely in your hands
  • Switching between the tablet and TV is quick and easy
  • Console games on the go means no limitation to playtime
  • The game lineup, while limited, it well worth anyone’s time
  • Games are cartridge-based and take up relatively small memory


  • The kickstand is flimsy and a pain to use. It also covers the MicroSD slot, so that’s totally exposed when the kickstand is in use
  • Charger is on the bottom and the kickstand cannot be used if charging
  • Battery life is about 3-6 hours, depending on the game
  • The dock is the only way to export the video to a TV
  • The dock slot is small and may scratch your screen, especially if a screen protector is involved
  • Internal memory is 32G, which is so small, some games won’t even fit on it

There have been other reported issues, such as Joy-Cons not working, systems overheating, and systems warping. I haven’t dealt with any of these issues, and hopefully wont.

Thus far, I only have four games: Breath of the Wild, Snipperclips, Waku Waku 7, and Graceful Explosion Machine. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is on the horizon. There isn’t a lot to play right now, but there’s enough to keep you busy while you wait.

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