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Drunk Dorks ep65 – Too Many Middle Fingers


We finally catch up on the walking dead and wonder why people got so upset about the last episode. We play a couple rounds of Bone, Kill, and Marry with Walking Dead characters. We give our wishes to Leonard Nimoy who went to the hospital. Hollywood is remaking Jem and the Holograms into a movie.


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Drunk Dorks ep64 – Legend of Netflix

We have Mr.Wesly Miles from Long Divison Films on the show!

We discuss how in 2014 one third of all AAA games came out with day one patches and if its ok for game companies to do that.

Netflix is creating a Legend of Zelda series and we pick the dream cast.


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Drunk Dorks ep63 – Big Budget Crap

We disscuss Nintendo's Youtube Policy, current game rating systems are terrible, what happened to all the game demos. Indie games Dungeonmans and Beseige. Why are current blockbuster games and movies so terrible?
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Drunk Dorks ep62 – Dirk Manning issue 3

Comic Book Writer Dirk Manning is back on the show to talk about Tales of Mr.RHEE: Karmageddon and his kickstarter for the hardcover of Tales of Mr.RHEE: Karmageddon vol.2, so go and support him! Kickstarter: