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DD ep31 – Rici-Tang Year One

This week we find out that we are the Ninja Turtles! The premier of Attack on Titan (english dub). We talk about Tyrions Trial in Game of Thrones. Batman comics and Batman vs. Superman. And Chim bitches about Mobile RTS games.
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Drunk Dorks ep30 – Comic Book Author Dirk Manning

This week we flip open comic books and sit down with Comic Book Author Dirk Manning!

Writer of such comics as Nightmare World, Tales of Mr. Rhee and Love Stories to Die For.


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Ursa Minor 1 - July

Tales of Mr.Rhee vol 2 - August


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Drunk Dorks ep29 – Comics and Starwars and Diablo Oh My!

This week we remember the late Bob Hoskins for his role in Roger Rabbit, Super Mario Bros and Hook (among other films). We also discuss the cast announcement of Star Wars episode VII, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Comics, the reboot of Sailor Moon. Brett laughs and yells at the stupid and hilarious site CodeBabes. The Myth of the buried E.T. Atari games comes true. And the latest expansion of Diablo 3.


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